We Install and Supply Equipment for Livestock Operations

Swine, Poultry, Solar & Ag Supply Solutions–From Hog Feeders to Poultry Farm Equipment and Beyond

Let Michiana outfit your poultry and swine operations to run smoothly for decades. With quality brands and extensive experience, we’ll oversee the minutiae so you can focus on your priorities. We are your Ag Supply hub, too. Ventilation systems, feed and water systems, apparel and disposables–we’ve got all that and more. Hobby farmers and homesteaders–take advantage of our carefully-curated selection of commercial-quality small farm supplies.





Avoid frustration, missed expectations, and financial surprises.

The last thing you need is disappointing equipment and frustrating installation. Avoid the letdown of limited-capability installers who can’t pull off your project the way you’d planned. Escape the financial surprises and maligned expectations of big-name suppliers who cut corners and pull fast ones mid-stream.

Start sturdy and run strong with a turn-key, decades-solid supplier

With Michiana, expect and enjoy:


A stream-lined process from permits to punch list.
All those unruly technicalities that make you want to break out in hives? Michiana harnesses those details into a process that gets the job done. Horsepower at your service!


Bend-over-backward customer service and support.
Peace of mind–feel it with our in-state customer service packages. When an emergency springs up, you can depend on our stockpile of supply to get things up and running again.


Top-tier commercial equipment.
Enjoy the efficiency and profits of a well-run operation with high-caliber feeder, water, ventilation, and manure-handling systems. You’re backed by seasoned professionals that will help you identify and integrate the best options for you.


Decades of ag experience.
Renovating or beginning a new operation isn’t an overnight decision. Drawing from our years in the livestock equipment industry, we’ll help you wrestle the issues so you can decide and plan confidently.

Stand Tall with a Life-Long Ag Partner

At your service, rain or shine, supply and repair. We know the livestock operation industry inside out. We know how big you are investing and understand what all depends on a profitable operation that meets your goals. 

At Michiana, we’re behind you all the way. Link up with capable, experienced listeners who care about what you want and ensure that you get it. 

For 26 years, we’ve been installing premier equipment and offering expert support to farmers across the Midwest. We’re here to give you a five-star experience for years to come.

Step into your Agri Dreams

Swine Barns

Broiler Operations

Layer Operations

Duck Barns

We design, sell, install, and service hog and poultry farm equipment. Whether you’re building a new barn or refurbishing an old one, give us a call.
 No job is too big or small.

Solar Installation

Service & Repair

Commercial Supply

Homestead Supply

Discover hard-to-beat savings with our solar installation plans. Experience bend-over-backward service and a wealth of supply options for small and commercial farmers alike.

4 Steps To Get You Running

Schedule an Introduction Session

This orients us to your vision.

Receive Design Plans

We map it out so you can picture completion.

Watch your Barn Come to Life

We install state-of-the-art equipment that will put you in the long game.

Enjoy the Music

Hear the squeals, clucks, and quacks of a successful farm!

Client Testimonials

“When we began to put our plans together for our operation of poultry barns, we were looking for someone with honesty, good workmanship, and high-quality materials. Michiana Equipment has provided all of this for us. They also gave us excellent service and have parts on hand that we need. Always a bunch of guys that are fun to work with.”
Stutzman Farms
White Pigeon, MI
“When my wife and I made the decision to build a poultry breeder facility, we felt overwhelmed by the many unknowns. Fortunately, we had the privilege of working alongside Michiana Equipment throughout the entire process. They listened to our needs, goals, and preferences and helped us each step of the way. Through the years, we have continued to maintain a wonderful working relationship with Michiana Equipment and are so grateful for their continued interest and support in the success of Riverland Poultry.”
The Carpenters
Riverland Poultry

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