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Solar for Agriculture

Soaring diesel costs? If you’re feeling frustrated by rising energy prices, you’re not alone. Join the growing group of farmers who are turning to solar energy for a long-term solution to monthly fuel bills.

We understand the toll that high fuel prices take on your marginsand on an optimistic outlook. At Michiana Equipment, we are certified and equipped to design, install, and service solar equipment for agriculture.

We’ve been helping livestock operators win for 27+ years, and we’re excited to do that for you with solar.

Lehman Farm


“The solar power system for my chicken barn exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with it.”


Jay Dee Lehman's solar panels

Solar for Agriculture–Features & Benefits

1. Shred your big fuel bills.

Say your annual diesel fuel bill is $31,000, and you install solar. After 6-8 years, your solar installation will be paid off. From then on, you’ll be pocketing that $31,000 that you formerly shelled out to your diesel provider.

While these are general figures and vary from farm to farm, the principle is there. If you’re a “diesel farm,” you can save with green energy.

2. Run a quieter farm.

Ever wondered what your farm would sound like without the thrumming of diesel generators? Several of our customers marveled at how much quieter their farms are when the sun powers their operation.

3. Enjoy a 30% tax credit.

Did you know that a solar installation project will give you a tax break? The ITC (Investment Tax Credit) is offering a 30% tax credit on solar systems installed between 2022 and 2032 for the year in which you installed them.

4. Skip the generator woes.

Nobody loves generator maintenance: oil and filter changes and labor costs. If you use your diesel generator a lot, then frequent maintenance is the name of the game.

Solar is different. It requires very little maintenance. Our warranties span 5-30 years: batteries–5 years, inverters–10 years, and solar panels–30 years.

5. Save money with the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

The USDA is currently offering programs to make “going green” with your energy more attractive than ever before. REAP provides farmers with a grant to install renewable energy or make energy efficiency improvements on their farms or ranches. Green energy–here we come!

What is REAP and is it for me?

Investing in solar for agriculture is a huge step. We won’t deny that. However, if your farm provides 50% of your income or your small business is located in a rural area, you likely qualify for some big energy cost savings!

Download “7 Steps to Harnessing REAP for My Operation.”

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The 4 Steps
to Your Own Solar System

person talking graphic

Meet with us.

We come to your site and talk through your options. You decide if solar is right for you.


Receive a plan.

We map it out so you can picture what it will look like when it’s finished.

solar panel graphic

See the plan unfold.

Watch your panels fit into place with a ground mount or roof system.

sun graphic

Win with solar power.

Enjoy the long-lasting solar perks as the sun fuels your farm.

Why Should You Install Your
Solar Systems with Michiana

With Michiana, you’re backed by seasoned professionals that will help you identify and integrate your best options in solar for agriculture. As part of the Plain Community ourselves, we know what it looks like to run a farm.

But while we serve mostly Amish and Mennonite farmers, we’re eager to help any operator from any background.

Here are some solar perks you get when you choose us:

  • Great financing plans
    • $0 down, up to 7 yr. terms
  • Expert installation and after-sales service
  • Warranty coverage
    • 30 years–solar panels
    • 10 years–inverters
    • 5 years–batteries

What Our Customers Are Saying

Is a Solar System for Me?

Still uncertain whether solar is for you?

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My farm gets a lot of sunshine.

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I'm planning to farm here for the next 20 years.

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My farm is running on diesel generators full-time.

checkmark icon

I am willing to make a long-term investment to lower my energy costs in the future.

If you can check these boxes, solar might be a good fit for your farm.

Solar for Agriculture FAQs

No. That’s one of the great things about solar energy. Once installed, most systems require very little maintenance. In the rare event that you would need repairs to your system, our servicemen can assist you expertly. 

During the summer months, even on cloudy days, you will harvest a fair amount of energy. Off-grid solar systems have a backup generator to recharge the batteries if the battery storage runs low. (Normally you have from 24 – 36 hours of storage.) 

Grid-tied solar systems are tied to the electrical grid. On cloudy days when your farm needs more power than the solar panels produce, it will draw power from the electrical grid. Also on days when your solar panels produce more energy than the farm uses, the excess electricity will be put back out to the electric grid.

Off-grid solar systems cost approximately $3.75 per solar watt with lithium batteries for storage. 

Grid-tied solar systems cost approximately $2.50 per solar watt.

Our lithium batteries have a 5-year warranty, but the expected lifetime of the batteries is 15-20 years. The inverters have a 10-year warranty, and the solar panels have a 30-year warranty. 

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Investing in Solar…

7 Steps
to harnessing REAP for my operation.

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