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Deep Agricultural Roots

Centuries of working and loving the land, an ingrained desire to do things well, and a vigorous work ethic that focuses on service–these values form the foundation for Michiana Equipment.

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Hatched in a chicken barn

Michiana Equipment came to life in 1996 when a young Amish couple, Jay and Luetta Graber, built their first chicken barn. The fledgling Michiana grew rapidly as other folks wanted barns of their own. From the get-go, our goal was to provide quality ag service and equipment to livestock operators in the region.

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Focused on the Future, Focused on You

Today solar energy is gaining momentum. Our catalogs are reaching commercial operations and family farms across the Midwest and beyond. And farmers are still knocking at our door for the pleasing barn builds and retrofits that Michiana is known for.

At Michiana, we believe farming on any scale is a wholesome investment. Whether it’s fresh eggs every morning or a commercial feeder system that’s always dependable–we’re here to help you win.

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Our Commitment

“What motivates me most is keeping that relationship up between our customers and our employees.”


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When sales tanked during the recession of 2008, it was the trust of our vendors and customers that pulled us through. Second-generation owner JD says, “What motivates me most is keeping that relationship up between our customers and our employees.” With a 45-member team and dedicated customers, we’re excited to build the agricultural future with you.

Well-built equipment, cheerful after-service, and outstanding supply–all served up with down-to-earth goodness. Let’s roll!

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