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Agricultural Supplies

You don’t need to drive anywhere for your agricultural supplies. With our two mail-order catalogs (homestead and commercial), your order will come right to your doorstep. Enjoy quality brands! Speedy shipping and a quick turnaround mean you shouldn’t have to wait long.

If you’re local to the area, you can also shop at our store. Or if you need ag repair service along with your agricultural supplies, we will also assist you with maintenance and installation.

Agricultural Equipment Parts

The last thing you need is faulty equipment and a spotty supply chain. Start strong and run well for decades with a right-hand parts supplier for hog, duck, layer, and pullet operations.

We carry some of the most well-known agricultural equipment parts in the industry. Brands like L.B. White®, Dosatron®, Stenner®, Munters®, Big Dutchman®, Thorp Equipment, and more. Shop online or straight from our catalog. Shipping is speedy!

If you’re local, you can also stop by our store.

Agricultural Supply Brands We Distribute

Stenner pump controler

Stenner Pumps® Parts

Nutrition, medication, and feed at the right proportions at the right time with Stenner Pumps®. Parts are available to order in our catalog. We stock the Stennicator, the Econ Integrator, and the Classic Series, along with any Stenner Pumps® replacement parts that you might need.

a Dosatron chemical dispenser

Dosatron® Parts

Preparing for day-old chicks and weaners? Stock up on Dosatron® parts. No matter the flow or pressure, the Dosatron® Diaphragm chemical dispenser and medicator keeps everything in balance for your animals. From .02 GPM up to 11 GPM.

Big Dutchman feeding system.

Big Dutchman® Parts

Innovative poultry feed, watering, and housing systems that work together efficiently for animal health and farmer ease. Get Big Dutchman® parts for anything from colony nests to lubing lines to hopper parts. Don’t forget to check out Big Dutchman®’s Fluxx™ Broiler Feeding System.

a munters ventilation system

Munters® Parts

Proper ventilation has a bigger impact than you might think on animal health and production. Find Munters® parts and equipment in the “Ventilation” section of the catalog. We have curtain machines, exhaust fans, inlets, and cooling systems.

a barn heater

L.B. White® Parts

L.B. White® is one of the top brands worldwide for natural gas, propane, and kerosene heating solutions for agricultural barns. Get L.B. White® parts for your Guardian® forced air heater, Sentinel™ radiant tube heaters, or spark ignition brooder heaters.

A thorp equipment sticker

Thorp Parts

Thorp Equipment is the hog operation industry’s last word for strength and durability. Do you need new hog feeders or parts for your watering cups? Get Thorp Equipment. You won’t be disappointed.

Silvercraft watering systems in raised position

Silvercraft Parts

Locally manufactured and built with the highest quality and craftsmanship, Silvercraft’s tunnel doors are the best on the market. Silvercraft also manufactures hinged fan covers, made to last a lifetime with rubber seals that seal them tightly and maintain the proper static pressure.

Ducks in a duck barn

Ziggity Systems® Parts

We are an authorized distributor of Ziggity Systems® parts. Ziggity Systems® is dedicated to poultry hydration, developing technology to meet the unique needs of different ages and types of poultry.

Homestead Supply

Equipment fails. Supplies run out. Fences break. Town runs can be a drag when you’re needed on the farm.

Living off the land should be refreshing, not draining. We love the backcountry as much as you do and know the importance of livestock supplies that make this way of life a joy. With our colorful catalog, you can skip the town runs and put in your order from the back pasture.

Take advantage of our carefully-curated, commercial-quality selection of homestead supplies. From chicken coops to milker sets . . . from backpack sprayers to continuous fencing, you’ll find the equipment to make your small farm hum.

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2023 Homestead Catalog


Thormax continuous fence


Thormax Continuous Fence is one of the safest and most durable fences on the market. Made from 1.75” x 16 GA galvanized tube, the 20’ panels come in either five bars or six bars at 49” height. We swage the ends of each panel to telescope into the next panel. Combine that with our easy mount bracket and installation is a breeze.



The Ultimate EZ Milker Kit is perfect for small farms and can be used on cows, goats, and horses. One user said that it takes them only seven minutes to milk a cow. The Udderly EZ Milkeris a handheld, trigger-operated vacuum pump that can be used for colostrum collection or daily milking.

an aluminium chicken coop


Raising a flock of hens just got more fun with a moveable Alumi-Coop. Attach a Yuneek Rollaway Nest to your Alumi-Coop, and your eggs will be cleaner and less readily damaged. With its lightweight wheeling system, the Alumi-Coop can be easily moved by almost anyone.

a jacto backpack sprayer


Jacto offers a variety of heavy-duty backpack, side-carry, and hand-held sprayers, some with batteries and some without. Jacto sprayers come highly recommended with a range of service and maintenance parts to keep your sprayer spraying for many seasons.

Parts & Agricultural Supplies FAQ

We ship to Canada, but prices may vary because of exchange rates and extra shipping costs.

No, we also install other equipment not listed in our catalog, if it is preferred by a customer and is of good quality. We have access (but are not limited to) all products lines from the following vendors: Big Dutchman®, Munters®, L.B. White®, Space-Ray®, AMT, Diversified Ag, Kuhl Corporation, Val-co®, Vencomatic, Southwestern Sales, Ziggity Systems®, and more!

We can order other products that are not listed in our catalog, especially from the same vendor lines. We will do our best to help you find those special parts that you have a hard time finding either by ordering them for you or directing you to a company that specializes in that product line.

We try to keep most of our items in stock at all times. If something is not in stock, we can have the vendor ship it directly to you.

We try to ship all prepaid orders by the end of the following business day if the products are in stock

We will exchange or repair all defective products or equipment for a period of one year from the purchase date, in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers defects; not misuse, damage, abuse, or neglect of maintenance or use. It also does not cover damage due to electrical surges from storms or other acts of nature.

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